Our Services

Liquor Licences

Applications and assistance with submissions, advice Government and local by-law issues.

Commercial Leases

Preparation and advice.

Small Business Sales and Purchases

Contract preparation, terms and conditions advice.


A Will is one of the most important things you can do for your family. It protects your estate and ensures distribution is carried out to your exact wishes.

Deceased Estate Administration

This can at times be very complex and requires an experienced administrator to ensure wishes are carried out and family disputes are handled appropriately.


When buying and selling real estate you require an independent advisor to protect your rights under contract. Your lawyer is experienced and knows what to look for so there is no unexpected problems at a later date.

Commercial / Civil Disputes

Strategic guidance to clients to resolve a dispute or engage in formal litigation to achieve the best outcome possible.

Charges and Fees

Charges are according to a Fee-For-Service system, with costs kept to an absolute minimum. Client's peace of mind extends to every stage of the services provided, right down to the payment stage.

Latest Technology

David Ryan & Associates is a progressive, adaptable law firm and the legal advice they provide is the most up-to date and accurate available. David Ryan & Associates takes advantage of the latest technology to keep abreast of changes to legislation.

You can be assured that the advice given to you is the very latest available.